Brid O’Riordan – Driver Guide

Brid O’Riordan comes from the small village of Ballyvourney in Co. Cork. This wee village is in a Gaeltacht area, so it is steeped in Irish culture and heritage. Our Bríd is multi-talented, she is not only a great singer, having studied music at University as a mature student, but she has also worked in the beauty industry for over 20 years in a self-employed capacity. Having exhausted all of the avenues in that industry she re-discovered her love and respect for Ireland through, firstly, studying the Music Arts Programme and then continued her studies as a National badged Tour Guide, she is also currently a Student of Irish Studies at NUI Galway. Her depth of knowledge is unquestionable and Bríd says that her country both excites and intrigues her! Bríd is delighted to be your conduit to the hidden wonders of the Emerald Isle.