Covid-19 – Our commitment to you

During these unprecedented times we want to put you, as our client, at ease as much as is possible in relation to your travel plans. The measures we have now put in place primarily relate to a change in our operating procedures regarding vehicle and driver sanitisation as well as a temporary change to our terms and conditions in response to the impact of Covid-19.


Your safety and the safety of our drivers and driver-guides is our primary concern. As such we are implementing vehicle hygiene and driver hygiene procedures. Prior to each new client entering the vehicle, the driver will sanitise the seats, door handles and all surfaces where the previous passenger had contact using antibacterial products and disposable paper towels. Once the car has been fully sanitised, the chauffeur will then wash his/her hands again. Each of our vehicles has now been equipped with hand sanitisers and masks and disposable gloves are available as needed. In addition to standard mandatory vehicle checks that are required by the transport authorities, we have now introduced a cleaning audit process detailing when and by whom each sanitary clean was performed.


We have also have updated our terms and conditions to allow for more flexibility under these extenuating circumstances, and we have added the following amendment specifically for trips that are impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic:

NO CANCELLATION FEES Should you need to postpone your trip By Appointment DMC is extending a credit for the full value of all client deposit payments, valid for use on a future trip up to the end of 2021. The full value of your deposit is transferable to your future trip. No fee transfer charge or re-quote charges will apply. When you are ready to book your new travel dates By Appointment DMC will design and confirm your updated itinerary on a complimentary basis.

Each trip is fully customized to your individual requirements and therefore certain conditions may apply to your specific inclusions and preferences. Please contact our travel design team directly for full details regarding your personal trip. You have the final decision regarding your personal trip, so please ensure that you understand our terms and conditions which have been updated to allow for more flexibility.

As this situation is ever changing these amendments are subject to change and removal of this amendment will apply once government restrictions are lifted and/or travel has resumed to normal.


In response to the impact of Covid-19, By Appointment DMC are accepting requests for postponed trips, with a commitment to travel before the end of 2021. We will offer a credit in the full amount of your deposit toward use on a future trip, this credit is valid for a trip taking place up to the end of 2021.

As a complimentary service, By Appointment DMC will design and confirm your updated itinerary for the future travel dates. As these are extenuating circumstances and/or due to future availability, some of the components may change from the original itinerary; however, the standard and quality of the trip will remain the same and the full value of the deposit will remain intact. Deposits will be applicable to the revised date subject to availability and subject to approval of all relevant suppliers. Any limited-edition or date-specific components that are not transferable will be omitted from the updated itinerary and, where applicable, an equivalent standard alternative will be substituted.

The essence and value of the revised itinerary will remain equal to the original. We will do our utmost to achieve the best value for clients however, price differences for hotel accommodation or specialist services due to seasonal variances will be borne by the client. Should any seasonal cost increase be rejected by the client, an alternative equal to the original value will be recommended.

Should the new travel date be subsequently cancelled, existing cancellation terms apply. Our terms and conditions have been updated to allow for more flexibility during current extenuating circumstances. This amendment is subject to change and removal of this revision will apply once government restrictions are lifted, the threat is minimised, and/or travel has returned to normal.

We look forward to a return to normal services and remain at your disposal for any questions or advice we can offer to keep you and your clients safe and well during this current crisis.

Steve Gulvin & Peter Costelloe
Directors & Co-Owners
By Appointment DMC