What you can expect

Africa is our latest destination and we have focused on providing unique experiences at a select number of countries within the vast African continent.

Our Wild Botswana safari affords you the rarity of time and space to disconnect from the relentless pace of modern life and reconnect with those close to you. Surrender to the rhythm of big game, dazzling birds and their songs, stately trees and of course, the ebb and flow of the Delta's waters. To make the journey extra special, travel to Botswana using our Private Jet Services ensuring you arrive relaxed and prepared for what will truly be an experience of a lifetime.

Our Tanzania adventurous expedition offers an immersive experience in which you can form a deep personal connection with the wilds of Tanzania. Crafted specifically for those with a strong desire to get involved in humanitarian, philanthropic, and conservation opportunities, this journey provides raw and authentic cultural and tribal encounters with a strong anthropological core.

Your accommodation which will be in camps and lodges has been carefully selected to offer maximum comfort in a wild, unpretentious setting. Guests will enjoy sunsets, stars and the evening calls of the wild in the most visceral of ways.

All bush-based accommodation is held on an exclusive basis (with the exception of the nights of arrival and departure), providing each guest with their own private room, suite or tent.

Our team are here to support you in planning your luxury African trip and to provide you with guidance to ensure you enjoy an unforgettable adventure.

What we offer

We are your specialist itinerary designer, aviation and executive transportation service provider. We are here to deliver a travel experience that will make your journey unique and memorable. From personalised tours, executive transportation, VIP coach hire and driver guided tours using our own vehicles and guides to Airport VIP meet and greet services, helicopter transfers, aircraft charter and luxurious accommodation.

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