Kenza Oweiss

Senior Travel Designer

Kenza Oweiss has called Paris her home for more than a decade, nurturing a strong connection with the City of Light. In 2019, she ventured into a new career path within the tourism industry, where she promoted destinations like France, Belgium, Amsterdam, and Spain.

Prior to venturing into the travel and tourism industry, she has gained valuable experience through different roles in PR and Communications, and the vibrant hospitality sector. Her various experiences equips her with the insights and skills necessary to craft exceptional travel experiences for her clients, all while she continues to seek out hidden gems and explore different destinations.

Kenza’s deep passion for culture is a natural part of her identity, as she embodies the diverse influences of her French, Moroccan, and Egyptian background. This rich cultural tapestry continually inspires her to explore and appreciate the world’s multifaceted beauty.

Kenza Oweiss By Appointment DMC