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What you can expect on our Luxury Wales Tours

Wales has more castles per square mile than any other country in Europe. Wales’ history has left a landscape scattered with Iron Age hill forts, Roman ruins and castles from Medieval Welsh princes and English kings.

Explore Wales via The Wales Way, a new family of three scenic routes – The Coastal Way, The Cambrian Way and The North Wales Way.

The Coastal Way is an 290km odyssey that threads between blue seas and big mountains where you will visit harbour towns, galleries, castles , enjoy watersports and see dolphins. Explore the exquisite Italianate Portmeiron Village, Harlech Castle, built in the late 1200s and wildlife watching including Britain’s biggest pod of dolphins that spend the summer in Cardigan Bay.

The Cambrian Way is a north-south journey along the mountainous spine of wales, running for 300km coast to coast. Victorian travellers called the Cambrian Mountains the “green desert of wales” where wildlife rules this vast landscape. Here you will embrace national parks, heritage, shopping, Brewery Tours and surfing to name just a few travelling through the heart of Wales.

The North Wales Way follows the old trading route along our northern coast into Anglesey. Delight in delicious fun food tours, cruising the canals, visiting lighthouses and the coastline of Anglesey designated an Area of Outstanding Beauty in 1966.

Our team are here to support you in planning your luxury Welsh trip and to provide you with guidance to ensure you enjoy an unforgettable adventure.


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