By Appointment DMC Fleet

The By Appointment DMC Fleet has a range of dedicated vehicles at our disposal across each of our regions. Our expert in-house executive transportation team will ensure you get the right vehicle for the right occasion each and every time.

All our chauffeurs are uniformed, have a minimum of 5 years professional driving experience and hold all the appropriate licencing and training qualifications to deliver exceptional world class service to our customers. Many of our vehicles come equipped with Wi-Fi and complimentary beverages.

By Appointment DMC is a company that understands that the experience is as important as the journey and we strive to ensure that all our clients have the best experience possible while travelling with us.

By Appointment DMC BMW 7-series

1–2 Passengers BMW 730 LD

– Extra Long Wheel Base

The BMW 7 series is a full-size luxury sedan and stands for self-assured presence, exceptional performance and maximum comfort. The emotive language of the elegant design together with that special atmosphere of well-being in the interior thanks to the supreme quality of details, individual styling options and technical innovations make it the epitome of the BMW luxury class. Smoothness meets exclusivity. Luxury meets performance.

3 Suitcases
Leather seats
2-3 Seats

3–5 Passengers Mercedes V Class (Viano)

– Extra Long Wheel Base

The Mercedes-Benz V Class combines comfort and luxury on a large scale. Elegance, style, comfort and spaciousness define every V-Class. The universal concept provides precisely the right solution for everyone and every situation. Thanks to its innovative safety systems and spaciousness, the V-Class is also a perfect family touring vehicle. It is the ultimate VIP shuttle and the ideal touring vehicle for long journeys.

7 Suitcases
Leather seats
2-5 Seats
By Appointment DMC Mercedes Viano
By Appointment DMC Mercedes Sprinter Minibus

Mercedes Sprinter Minibus

The most popular touring vehicle of the By Appointment DMC fleet, for groups of 5 guests or more. Ample room to relax, great luggage space especially for our golfers and lots of leg room to stretch out.
10 Suitcases
Leather seats
5-14 Seats

Iveco Mini-Coach

Our Mini Coaches come equipped with individual leather chairs, PA Systems, fridge and USB charging ports. This is an ideal touring vehicle for groups of 10 or more.
vehicle configurations
Multiple Configurations
25+ Suitcases
Leather seats
25 Seats
By Appointment DMC Iveco Mini Coach

What our clients have to say

We learned so much more about Ireland than we ever expected. Thank goodness we included Northern Ireland.

To start, the guides and their knowledge was impressive each day. We were impressed with the qualifications of each from local experts to published historians. We have always been interested in Titanic exhibits but Michael gave us a totally different perspective.

Two days with Pat driving us around Dingle, Slea Head and the Ring of Kerry showed us so much more of the Ireland countryside than we imagined. Our guide at the Cliffs of Moher took us way out so we could see fantastic views. The itinerary did not do justice of what to expect at the Burren Smokehouse.

Peter is a very enterprising person with a life of experiences and now with his salmon, brewery and pub/whiskey tasting. Had lots of fun and even found out fifty years ago in the merchant marines he visited my home town of Port Arthur, Texas. Sheena’s Galway food tour was the highlight of our time in Galway.

James walking tour of Belfast taught us a lot about a city we underestimated before going there. Geoff made sure at the end of the day we saw the Peace Wall and the neighborhoods by it; what a finish to our trip. 

In conclusion, we had a fabulous trip and we want to thank you, the European travel partner and Cara for all you did in preparing and being available during the trip several times to help with reservations, etc. The customizations the guides did based on our specific interests really enhanced it all.

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