Private Jet and Helicopter Charter

Private Jet and Helicopter Charter as part of your business or personal trip is a key service offering from By Appointment DMC that we only offer to our exclusive customer clientele. Our customers enjoy the opportunity to use this efficient and convenient transport option to ensure you experience the most effective and enjoyable use of your valuable time. Additionally, by combining private charter with our specialized tour experiences you can enjoy a one stop seamless service encompassing both your air travel as well as your land based touring activities.

With our management team’s extensive background in Business Aviation and more than 100 years collective experience in this industry, our Founder Peter Costelloe sits on the board of the Irish Business and General Aviation Association. Our expert charter team will ensure you get the right aircraft for your needs provided by fully vetted, professional discreet operators. Let us assess the right travel option for your trip and find out just how efficient and cost effective flying privately can be.

Why Charter?


In Europe alone, more than three times the city pairs are available to users of private aircraft than commercial operators. With over 800 operators and 4,000 jets operating we can find the best option to ensure your trip takes you exactly where and when you want to go.


Flying private is a full service experience. By Appointment DMC will not only ensure your ground transportation needs are catered for but will arrange access through private terminals at airports (Fixed Base Operator) allowing you to avoid the time and inconvenience associated with transiting through main terminals and waiting for commercial flights. We will ensure you are personally met at the airport and seamlessly transferred to your executive chauffeur driven vehicle.


Efficiency Having an aircraft or helicopter work to your schedule, both for the actual time you need to leave and to the location you need to attend, is a significant benefit during any trip. With thousands of city pairs available and an aircraft with its crew dedicated to your needs you can attend multiple meetings or functions in a single trip whilst enjoying the privacy you need to attend to your business.

And Finally...

Making the most of your leisure time and enjoying some great travel experiences can also be part of your downtime. In addition our charter team in our helicopter department have the ability to arrange airport transfers to your hotels as well as tours of key attractions across Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales and France.

Private Jet and Helicopter Charter
Private Jet and Helicopter Charter Ireland