Luxury Leisure Golf Tours

Welcome to By Appointment Golf, where we curate the finest luxury leisure golf tours for both avid golfers and those seeking an elegant escape into the world’s most beautiful landscapes. Our exclusive tours span the emerald fairways of Ireland, the historic links of Scotland, the prestigious courses of England, and the picturesque vistas of France.

With By Appointment Golf, experience a harmonious blend of golf, culture, and relaxation, tailored to delight both golf enthusiasts and their companions.

Ireland: A Celtic Treasure

In Ireland, discover a realm where the golf experience transcends the game. Beyond the legendary links of Royal County Down and the enchanting Ballybunion, we offer immersive cultural tours, spa retreats, and castle stays. Whether you’re challenging the legendary links or enjoying Irelands rich heritage, By Appointment Golf ensures experiences of unparalleled luxury and charm.

Scotland: The Home of Golf

Discover the birthplace of golf with exclusive access to Scotland’s most revered courses, including the hallowed grounds of St. Andrews and the majestic links of Royal Dornoch. Beyond the fairways, experience Scotland’s rich tapestry of history, whiskey, and wilderness. Enjoy private castle tours, whiskey tasting sessions with master distillers, and accommodations in luxurious historic manors. By Appointment Golf crafts a Scottish experience that seamlessly blends golf, culture, and opulent leisure.

England: Quintessentially Refined

England’s golfing landscapes, from the royal links of Royal Birkdale to the heathland treasures like Sunningdale, are matched by our handpicked leisure experiences. After a day on the greens, indulge in traditional English high tea, explore historic estates, or relax in sumptuous spa resorts. Our bespoke itineraries in England promise a refined balance of sport, leisure, and luxury, crafted to your preferences.

Wales: Hidden Gems Unveiled

Wales offers a unique blend of rugged landscapes, historic courses, and hidden gems waiting to be discovered. From the championship links of Royal Porthcawl to the scenic beauty of Nefyn & District, By Appointment Golf invites you to explore Wales’ golfing prowess. Complement your days on the course with adventures in Wales’ national parks, tastings of Welsh cuisine and spirits, and stays in luxury accommodations nestled in breathtaking settings.

France: La Belle Golf Life

In France, savour a golf trip that indulges in the art de vivre. Play on spectacular courses along the French Riviera, Bordeaux vineyards, and the castles of the Loire Valley. Beyond golf, delve into France’s culinary excellence, embark on private wine tours, and explore the rich tapestry of French history and art. By Appointment Golf combines the finest in golf, gastronomy, and culture to craft a French tour that is as unforgettable as it is luxurious.

By Appointment Golf: Tailored for You

By Appointment Golf is dedicated to crafting your perfect trip. We arrange everything from tee times at the most exclusive courses to luxury accommodations, private transportation, and bespoke cultural experiences. Our attention to detail ensures a seamless and sophisticated journey, tailored to the tastes and interests of both golfers and non-golfers. With By Appointment Golf, expect nothing less than an extraordinary trip, where every moment is meticulously designed for your enjoyment.

Join us for an unparalleled luxury leisure golf trip in Europe’s most distinguished destinations.

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