Luisea Nic Lochlainn

Senior Travel Designer

Hailing from Galway, the City of the Tribes and gateway to Connemara, Luisea Nic Lochlainn has joined By Appointment DMC after an extensive career working in the Luxury travel and tourism industry across Ireland, UK & France. Luisea has most recently worked with one of the global leaders in private jet travel.

Living in London until 2020 and having gained extensive experience from her time working as a travel specialist, and arranging luxury retreats in mainland Europe, she turned her focus to the Ultra Lux market in Ireland and areas closer to her in the UK. Luisea is passionate about history, culture and creating unique trips and adventures that allow her to uncover, share and help her clients discover the hidden gems that are to be found on the whole island of Ireland. As for London and the rest of the UK, she loves to showcase the very fine line in special access and exquisite experiences England, Scotland and Wales also have to offer.

Prior to moving to London, Luisea studied Geography and Archaeology at National University of Ireland Galway and later Event Management in Dublin.

Luisea Nic Lochlainn By Appointment DMC