Sustainability Policy

1. Company Ethos

By Appointment DMC is aware that its business activities impact upon the environment and we are committed to alleviating those negative impacts in line with our company’s mission. Safe and responsible travel are at the core of what we do at By Appointment DMC.  The safety of our clients, welfare of our staff and the protection of the environment are central to decisions and actions we take as a business. At By Appointment DMC we are aware of accountability of our future and current economic, social and environmental impacts and therefore aim to reduce our negative effects and increase our positive impacts across all aspects., by adddessing the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment and host communities (UNWTO, n.d.)  

2. Continuous Improvement

Commitment to sustainability is a work in progress and we are committed to continuously improving our efforts. At By Appointment DMC we aim to minimise our impact across various sustainability spectra.  

3. Measuring and Reducing Negative Impacts

We commit to measuring our electricity consumption. To reduce our electricity usage by switching off unnecessary lights, all machines and power sockets when not in use. We use LED lightbulbs in office settings. We regularly measure and review our consumption and examine ways to reduce the consumption.

To reduce our water usage, we have a low flow tab in office toilets. We provide recyclable tetra pack water cartons on board all vehicles in an effort to eliminate single use plastic water bottles.

To reduce our waste usage, we have recycling options in offices and for waste on our vehicles on tours.

We aim to have implemented steps to reduce our carbon footprint by 2025.

4. Social Responsibility

We support our local community and our management team have proven experience integrating within the local community having organised and raised funds for the Lady’s Crumlin Hospital in Ireland and Starlight Foundation in the UK. We work to continue this tradition by ensuring that By Appointment DMC works with organisations within each of its local communities for fund raising as well as work sponsored programs.

In Ireland we are actively involved with local community charities, GAA and Soccer teams for children under the age of sixteen and are delighted to assist the following clubs:

  • Ballyea Hurling Team. Founded in 1934 and based in County Clare
  • Clondegad Football team. Founded in 1943 and currently building a new clubhouse. By Appointment DMC sponsors the team jerseys for the Under 10 and 12 boys teams
  • Fern Celtic Soccer Team. Founded in 2001, we act as one of the co-sponsors as well as spend time managing the boys Under 10 teams.

Our Commercial & Partnerships Director sits on the board of Killaloe Ballina Family Resource Centre and commits time monthly to the charity.

A copy of our extended Sustainability Policy is available on request.